Alex Pearce

Jekyll sitemaps

How to create a Google sitemap for a Jekyll site.

An Ubuntu VPS with rbenv, nginx and Passenger

A step-by-step tutorial on deploying Ruby apps to a Linux VPS, installing nginx, Passenger, rbenv, and PostgreSQL along the way.

The Spectrum of Quarkonium

A computational physics project on ‘Masses of S-State Quarkonium via the Roots of the Airy Function Ai(x)’.

Scattering Cross Sections in the Standard Model

A computational physics project on ‘Numerical Evaluation of the e+e− → μ+μ− Cross Section in the Standard Model’

Escaping liquid tags in Jekyll

How to include Liquid tags in Jekyll posts.

Simple Jekyll searching

How to add simple JSON-based searching to Jekyll site.


An introduction to a blog.