Alex Pearce

Italic fonts in iTerm2, tmux, and vim

How to configure iTerm2, tmux, and vim to enable italic fonts.

Exponent labels in matplotlib

How to move and configure the exponent/offset label in matplotlib.

ROOT on OS X 10.9 Mavericks

Caveats when installing ROOT on OS X 10.9 (Mavericks).

TBrowser shortcut

A shortcut to launch a ROOT TBrowser from the terminal.

Python and ROOT on OS X

Fixing an ImportError from libPyROOT on OS X

Fixing a TMVA error

One solution for the TMVA error “signal and background histograms have different or invalid dimensions”.

Merging ROOT ntuples

How to merge multiple ntuples, in the form ntuple.root, in to a single file.

JaxoDraw on OS X with MacTex

Tips on running the Feynman diagram generator JaxoDraw on OS X

ROOT on OS X 10.8 with CMake and Homebrew

A step-by-step guide to install to high energy physics framework ROOT on OS X 10.8 with CMake and Homebrew.

Deploying with Capistrano

A step-by-step tutorial on deploying Ruby and static apps to a VPS with Capistrano.